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Lileep Gijinka by Vampire-Eretica Lileep Gijinka :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 5 0 Murkrow Gijinka by Vampire-Eretica Murkrow Gijinka :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 3 4 Digital Art Practice by Vampire-Eretica Digital Art Practice :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 0 0 Litwick ACEO by Vampire-Eretica Litwick ACEO :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 3 0 Inktober 2: Costume by Vampire-Eretica Inktober 2: Costume :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 5 2 Inktober 1: Zombie by Vampire-Eretica Inktober 1: Zombie :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 3 0 Wild Dance by Vampire-Eretica Wild Dance :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 2 0 Puppet by Vampire-Eretica Puppet :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 0 0 Lady Wolf by Vampire-Eretica Lady Wolf :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 2 0 Flareon and Eevee (ACEO) by Vampire-Eretica Flareon and Eevee (ACEO) :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 6 2 Iris for VanGone by Vampire-Eretica Iris for VanGone :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 0 0 Pumpkaboo by Vampire-Eretica Pumpkaboo :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 1 3 Goomy by Vampire-Eretica Goomy :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 0 2 Happy Easter by Vampire-Eretica Happy Easter :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 1 3 In the Steppes by Vampire-Eretica In the Steppes :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 0 0 Reef by Vampire-Eretica Reef :iconvampire-eretica:Vampire-Eretica 1 0
My newest art..but they are sometimes really old :)


paladin by soft-h paladin :iconsoft-h:soft-h 2,105 27
Night Light - short film :iconqinni:Qinni 37,773 5,129
Get Better Poodle With A Scarf by wulfilalice Get Better Poodle With A Scarf :iconwulfilalice:wulfilalice 1 3 Get Better Poodle by wulfilalice Get Better Poodle :iconwulfilalice:wulfilalice 2 2 Dragon Keeper (full version) by K-Koji Dragon Keeper (full version) :iconk-koji:K-Koji 4,922 314
How to Start and Stay Writing
I recently solicited my watchers to ask me writing questions that I would then attempt to answer in a writing guide such as this. This article is my first response, and there will be many more to come.
I've been asked to give advice on ways a writer can begin to put words on a page. The bottom line is as simple as this: sit your butt down and write.
Duh, right? It's the only way I know to actually write.
Sure, sitting your butt in a chair is easy, but getting your fingers to move and stay moving is a challenge. Here are three things that have helped me.
1) Have a goal.
Your goal can be as simple as "describe the person in this picture" or as ambitious as "write 1,000 words of my novel." Having a goal will drive you forward and motivate you to keep writing. Whatever you do, don't move your butt from your chair until you accomplish your goal.
Other practical goals include setting a timer, writing to the end of a chapter or scene, and completing a particular section of an outline or numbe
:iconilluminara:illuminara 798 121
8 Ways to Help You Write Without Writing
1. Go for a Jog. No really, you should. Even though it is sort of built into the stereotype of writers that we should never get out-and let alone even think about being fit-perhaps it is time that you ignore that stereotype for the sake of your writing quality.
According to a study by journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, people who exercise regularly do far better on tests of creativity than those who do not exercise. More creativity means more writing ideas, so getting into shape and exercising regularly might just be the final ingredient in making your novels shine.
2. Unplug the Internet. In the famous words of an unknown writer, “'Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the Internet,’ and it could not be more true. How often do you go on the internet  for some research or to find a song, then suddenly find that an hour has past and you are suddenly on facebook or twitter without even knowing you did so?
There are two w
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 424 83
How To Make a Real Monster
Tales of monsters have been around since mankind was old enough to feel fear of the dark. Quite possibly even longer. And despite many thousands of years since, monsters still remain popular unto this day. You see them everywhere, stores, films, media, video games, comics, etc. A lot of people want to create monsters themselves. But how does one stand out in a world already so saturated with goblins and swamp creatures? How does one seem unique while managing to use an element that may have been done many times throughout history?
Never fear. For in this guide, we will turn everything you've been taught about monsters thus far and turn it upside down. You will be taught how to create a real monster.
1. Getting With the Times Let's get one thing straight. Century-old tales can be only interesting for so long in an age of iPods and portable microwaves. Therefore, we need to make our monsters appeal to the times. As in, we need to make them appeal to the audien
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 425 393
Werewolf Horror Infographic by SaraChristensen Werewolf Horror Infographic :iconsarachristensen:SaraChristensen 202 97
How to Make a Horror
Horror: the other white meat. Everyone's watched, read, or played one at some point. Maybe you're just feeling tired of seeing cute fluffy things on TV every goddamn day. It's getting increasingly difficult to find good quality freak-outs in an increasingly sheltered and child-proofed world. Need a break from your daily bombardment of family values and God-fearing overtones? Well, never fear. Here are some quick tips to guide you into becoming the Stephenie Meyer Stephen King.
1. The Kids Every horror has to have children. Because children are usually creepier and far more hellish than your typical ghosts if given the chance. Especially little girls. Also, only dark-haired little girls are creepy. Blonds and red-heads can't be creepy. That's just silly. Everyone knows they're too dumb to be conniving or homicidal.
Or ghosts.
And the longer the girl's hair is, the creepier she is. For extra horror goodness, make sure her hair's length surpasses her actual <i>
:iconin-the-machine:In-The-Machine 657 287
Writing HORROR
When writing a Horror story, one must begin with a Monster. The most terrifying of course, are the ones you don't notice, or refuse to notice. The ones right next to you.
"The most dangerous werewolves are the ones that are hairy on the inside."
-- A Company of Wolves
Making a MONSTER
Think, who are the people that walk right up to you every day – and you let them?
• Your neighbors
• Your co-workers
• Your friends
• Your lover
• Your parents
• Your siblings
• Your children
Now imagine if one of them was a man-slaughtering or even man-eating Monster?
In reality, it happens all the time. They're known as Psychopaths.
Psychopaths cannot be understood in terms of antisocial rearing or development. They are simply morally depraved individuals who represent the "monsters" in our society. They are unstoppable and untreatable predators whose violence is planned, purposeful and emotionless.
-- ht
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 615 170
Coloring Tutorial by sakimichan Coloring Tutorial :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 31,620 2,099 32 hair styles by AishaxNekox 32 hair styles :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 5,509 243 Golden hatching dragon by Reptangle Golden hatching dragon :iconreptangle:Reptangle 3,944 257 How to paint BRAIDS by juuhanna How to paint BRAIDS :iconjuuhanna:juuhanna 1,799 90


Lileep Gijinka

I made another ATC/ACEO to give it away together with its english card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. You will reveice the original.

What do you have to do? - Just comment that you want to participate!

The Giveaway runs until June 30th, 2017.

More informations on my Patreon page:…

Murkrow Gijinka

I made this ATC/ACEO to give it away together with an english Murkrow card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. You will reveice the original.

What do you have to do? - Just comment that you want to participate!

The Giveaway runs until June 3rd, 2017.

More informations on my Facebookpage… or my Patreon page:

100 Horror Theme Meme
by Horror-Plant

1) Blood ACEO#121: Blood
2) Needle(s) ACEO 134: Needles
3) Black Cat(s) Ghost Cat
4) Skeleton(s)
5) The Dark
6) Ghost(s)
7) Graveyard
8) Crow(s)
9) Deep Water
10) Spider(s)
11) The Basement
12) The Attic
13) Fangs
14) Eyeball(s)
15) Things That Go Bump in the Night
16) Claustrophobic
17) Heights
18) Torture
19) Puppet(s)
20) Clown(s)
21) Outside My Window
22) Monster Under The Bed
23) Creature In The Closet
24) Zombie(s) Inktober 1: Zombie
25) Abandoned
26) It Came From Space
27) Entrails
28) Buried Alive
29) Kidnapped
30) A Visit To The Dentist
31) Doctor(s)
32) Shovel(s)
33) Infectious Disease
34) A Phonecall
35) "Let's Sew That Up" (Stitches)
36) Being Lost
37) Disorientation
38) The Woods
39) Scalpel(s)
40) Abandoned Buildings
41) Insane Asylum
42) Hospital
43) Trouble Lurking
44) No Way Out
45) Obsession
46) The Walls Are Bleeding
47) Here's Johnny
48) Pain
49) Can You Hear Me?
50) Drowning
51) Dismemberment
52) Immolation
53) Broken Bones
54) Impalement
55) "Stretched to Ripping"
56) Scalping
57) "Meat for the Meat Grinder"
58) "Grinning Ear to Ear" (Chelsea Smile)
59) Splinters
60) Graft
61) Cynophobia (Fear of Dogs)
62) Arachnophobia
63) the Grim Reaper
64) Stairs
65) Candles
66) Ritual(s)
67) Dream(s)
68) Aphenphosmphobia (Fear of being Touched))
69) Stranger(s)
70) Mask
71) Behind The Mask
72) Fog
73) Insomnia
74) The Alley
75) Mute
76) Bathroom
77) Noose
78) Catoptrophobia (Fear of Mirrors)
79) Poe
80) Werewolves
81) Vulnerable
82) Tension
83) Japanese Horror
84) Assassination
85) Nosferatu
86) Poison
87) Low-Budget Horror
88) Revenge
89) Bruises
90) Freezing
91) Subconcious
92) Visceral
93) Hitchcock
94) Silent Hill
95) Depression
96) Hell
97) Shaving
98) Hearts
99) Bad Romance
100) Snakes


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most pages: Limikkin SaPhiR

Favourite genre of music: Punk, Heavy Metal, Hardrock


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